Places To Visit In Zunheboto

1.Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary

2.Rushikonda Beach

3.Satoi Range

Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary
Ghosu Bird Sanctuary
Satoi Range
Situated close to the India Myanmar border in the Pungro circle headquarter in Nagaland, Fakim Sanctuary with an area of 642 hectares is a must visit attraction on a wildlife tour to Nagaland. With hills, high ridges, deep gorges and narrow valleys.
Located about 9 kilometres from the district headquarters of Zunheboto, Ghosu Bird Sanctuary houses a wide range of avifauna. It is a home to many species and hosts more than 20 endangered bird species within the sanctuary’s boundaries.
Unlike other tourist attractions of Nagaland which have been destroyed for exhaustive exploration and spoiling of natural resources, the Satoi Range manages to retains its virginity and is still as beautiful and magnificent as Mother Nature originally intended it to be.

4.Sumi Baptist Church

Sumi Baptist Church
Sumi Baptist Church of Zunheboto is mighty sight to behold for it can be spotted from 20 villages of the Zunheboto District. This Church began its construction in the year 2005 and after over a decade, the church was scheduled to open its door to the public as the largest church building in all of Asia