Places To Visit In Urkhul

1. Nillai Tea Estate

Nillai Tea Estate
Nillai Tea Estate is one such tea estate that attracts visitors in large numbers for its rich variety of tea and its special green tea.

2. Kachou Phung Lake

This is a beautiful natural lake which is spread over 9 acres and is believed to be roughly shaped in the form of Indian Map.

3. Shirui Kashong Peak

The Shirui Kashong Peak is famous for two things: the rivers flowing across Ukhrul and the crevices of the peak, the second one is Shirui lilies growing in this place. 

4. Khangkhui Cave

The Khangkhui Cave is a natural limestone cave. . The cave comprises two large chambers and five tunnels. 

5. Khayang Peak

Khayang Peak
The Khayang Peak is the highest in the Ukhrul district. In simple words-the view of the Khayang Peak is just magical.