Places To Visit In Tuesang


2.Changsangmoko and Chilise


Changsangmoko and Chilise
Located in the district of Tuensang in the state of Nagaland, Noklak is one of the most popular tourist attractions owing to its gamut of tribal festivities. This North-Eastern village offers a great view of the mountains and vales of the Himalayan Range.
Two of the most legendary places to visit in Nagaland are Changsangmoko and Chilise in Tuensang district. Endowed with ancient, traditional culture of the Nagaland, Changsangmoko is believed to be the place where their ancestors “Changsang” had lived and originated from.
If you are longing to visit an unusual and off beat tourist attraction, Tsadang is the right place. It is located in the village of Longtrok and in this place to visit, you can observe the 2 living stones, who are believed to be friends who used to visit Longtrek Village together for decades together.