Guwahati Tour Package – Assam


Guwahati Tour Package

This is one of the most important tourist destinations of Assam and with a lot of other interesting, beautiful and wonderful places near by, it is best to reach Guwahati first and then carry on to other places.
Guwahati is where you will find a rich history and culture of the state of Assam, and this is the most developed and beautiful city in the entire north-east India. Most travelers covering Assam and other nearby states typically take a flight to Guwahati, maybe spend a day in the city, and then carry on to the other travel location.
For those spending a day in Guwahati, there are some highly exotic, awesome temples that they can visit – including the famous Kamakhya Devi temple. Guwahati is located on the banks of the Brahmaputra, and you can take a stroll by the riverside, or take a boat ride to the Umananda temple which is located in the center of the river. There are also various historical monuments, architectural showcases, museums and more. The city is also a great shopping destination, and the local market has a good collection of artifacts and pieces from the states and the cultures nearby.

List of Guwahati Tour Packages

Beautiful Shillong With Guwahati

3 Nights / 4 Days Guwahati – Shillong – Cherrapunji

- Visit the Borapani Lake
- Visit the Seven Sisters Falls
- Visit the famous Kamakhya Temple
Fascinating Meghalaya Trip

5 Nights / 6 Days (Guwahati – Shillong – Cherrapunji – Guwahati)

- Visit the Bara Bazaar of Shillong
- Visit Popular museums and lakes
- Explore the Mawsami Caves
Meghalaya With Wildlife Safari

6 Nights / 7 Days Guwahati – Kaziranga – Shillong – Cherrapunji – Guwahati

- Visit to Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati
- Trek to Krem Mawmluh cave in Cherrapunji
- Excursion to Elephanta Falls and Shillong Peak
Guwahati-Shillong Tour

07 Days / 06 Nights (Guwahati – Cherrapunji – Shillong)

- Elephant and Jeep Safari in Kaziranga
- Visit the Seven Sisters Falls, Cherapunjee
- Excursion to Borapani Umiam Lake
Wildlife Adventure With Assam

6 Nights / 7 Days Guwahati – Jorhat – Kaziranga – Guwahati

- Visit the Tea-plantation at Jorhat
- Explore remains of the Ahom Kingdom
- Cruise on the mighty Brahmaputra River