Places To Visit In Tinsukia

1. Margherita

The census town was named after the Italian queen consort Margherita. Earlier it was known as Ma-kum. It is also called the coal queen due to its coal mines. The picturesque town has tea gardens and majestic hills surrounding it, and a pristine River Dehing flowing through it. There is the first coal museum of India located in this city, which is called the Coal Heritage and Museum. 

2. Dibru Saikhowa National Park

Dibru Saikhowa National Park
The park is home to many amazing species of animals, birds and other creatures like white-winged wood duck, water buffalo, black-breasted parrot bill, capped langur, tiger and many more. It has eco-lodges for people to stay while they visit the park.

3. Tilinga Mandir

Tilinga Mandir
Tilinga Mandir or Bell temple is situated in the small town of Tinsukia district in Assam. The temple houses the deity of Lord Shiva. The Bell Temple is mystically and spiritually stronger than other temples. You will get to see hundreds and thousands of bells of all size here. The bells are made up of different metals such as bronze, brass, aluminum, copper and are tied to a huge Peepal tree.

4. Digboi Lake

Digboi Lake
 The beauty is further enhanced by the serene Digboi Lake with glittering water. The atmosphere around is soothing and calm, and thus this could be the best relaxing place for you after an exhaustive trip. There is a Centenary Environment Park near the lake which is an eco park, and has a variety of flora.