Places To Visit In Thoubal

1. Ikop lake

The Ikop lake is located at an altitude of 772 m above sea level, with a saucer shaped basin and a silted bottom.

2. Khongjom War Memorial

This historically important place marks the site where Major General Paona along with his soldiers fought against the British invasion, ending in complete British control over Manipur.

3. Lousi Lake

This lake spreads over an area of 18.64 sq km, featuring a wetland ecosystem. It is a major source of water for the locals.

4. Pumlen

The Pumlen is a freshwater lake and is known as the Pumlen Pa. It spreads over an area of 19 sq km and is covered by phumdis and floating soil and vegetation.

5. Waithou Lake

Waithou Lake is an oval-shaped lagoon. This beautiful lake in Thoubal is a prominent home of numerous species of fish including the Ngaton.