Places To Visit In Tezu


The scenic Dong valley, which is the easternmost village of India, is the first to receive the rising sun’s rays every morning.

2.Glow Lake

Glow Lake
Glow Lake is set in a picturesque landscape with snow-capped mountains on the backdrop and lush greenery around. 

3.Parasuram Kunda

Parasuram Kunda
Situated on Brahmaputra River banks, Parasuram Kunda attracts visitors for its religious significance and stunning landscape.


Chaglogam is a scenic location to the left side of Dalai River. Situated at a distance of 170 km from Tezu, the place attracts tourists in great numbers.


Famously referred to as a place full of bamboos, Walong is situated 200 km from Tezu and it is situated at 1094 m above sea level. 

6. Tezu Park

Tezu Park
Tezu Park could be a perfect place for a leisurely walk in the evening. It is a great place to spend time with the family as the park has various amusement rides to keep the children engaged.

7.Hawa Camp

Hawa Camp
Hawa Camp is a natural halt for nature lovers. Situated 33 km away from Tezu, Hawa Camp offers mind-blowing views of Lohit Valley.

8.Tezu Botanical Garden

Tezu Botanical Garden
Tezu Botanical Garden covers a sprawling 23 hectares of land and is home to a wide range of plants including some rare species.