Places To Visit In Tamelong

1. Barak Waterfalls

Barak Waterfalls
Being one of the most visited attractions in Tamenglong, the Barak Waterfalls is a must visit. There are seven waterfalls in series at close range along the river Barak.

2. Zeilad Lake

Zeilad Lake
This lake is famous for the number of pythons, fish and water birds found here. Large tortoises, ducks, cranes and teals are also seen in this lake.

3. Buning Meadows

Buning Meadows
A paradise for nature lovers, this place is coloured with beautiful lilies and orchids all over, complemented by the multitudes of birds and other animals.

4. Tharon Cave

Tharon Cave
A 655.6 m long cave, this cave can be explored inside out by enthusiasts, with the help of the map drawn outside the cave. It is also spelled as the Thaeuluan Cave.