Spiti Valley

Places To Visit In Spiti Valley

1. Kunzum Pass

Kunzum Pass or Kunzum La, as it is called by locals, is one of the highest motorable mountain passes of India which is a spectacular view of the Spiti valley. .

2. Chandratal Lake

Chandratal Lake is often referred to as one of the most beautiful lakes located at an altitude of about 4300 m in the mighty Himalayas.

3. Key Monastery

Key Monastery is believed to have been founded by Dromton, who was a student of the famous teacher Atisha in the 11th century.

4. Kibber

Kibber, also known as Kyibar, is a small village located in the Spiti Valley at an altitude of 4270m in Himachal Pradesh.

5. Tayul Monastery

Tayul Monastery houses the biggest statue of Padma Sambhava, about 12 ft. tall, in his two manifestations as Singhmukha and Vajravarahi.