Places To Visit In Rohtak

1. Asthal Bohar Math

Asthal Bohar is a well-known Math located 7kms from Rohtak in the eastern outskirt of the city. 

2. Meham

Meham is a small town in Rohtak well known for its Archeological sites that depict the history of the city.

3. Bhindawas Lake

Bhindawas lake is a human-made lake which has transformed itself into a bird sanctuary and in turn a great place to host a picnic.

4. Tilyar Lake

The most mesmerising 132 acres variegated stretch of Tilyar is a loud call from nature to everyone who seeks peace.

5. Durga Bhavan Mandir

Being one of the major religious shrines, Durga Bhawan Mandir grabs the attention that it deserves. 

6. Splash Water Park

Every Family or a group of Friends plans of an outing to spend some quality time together.

7. Rohtak Zoo

The Tiliyar Mini Zoo, also commonly known as the Rohtak Zoo, is located in Rohtak, Haryana.