Religious Places Andhra Pradesh

1.Simhachalam Temple

Simhachalam Temple
Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is located amidst Seethakonda Reserve Forest covering an area of 625 acres in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh.

2.Sri Venkateswara Temple

Sri Venkateswara Temple
Sri Venkateswara Swami Vaari Temple is a Hindu temple situated in the hill town of Tirumala at Tirupati in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India. 

3.Sri Govindarajaswami Temple

Sri Govindarajaswami Temple
Sri Govindarajaswami Temple is a 12th century Hindu Vaishnavite shrine built by Saint Ramanujacharya and is one of the biggest temple complexes in the district. 


Kanipakam is a very famous pilgrimage, as it is believed that the idol of Lord Ganesha grows in size. The 11th century temple was built by Kullottunga, the famous Chola king. 

5.Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy Varla Devasthanam

durga temple
Kanaka Durga Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Goddess Kanaka Durga. The deity in this temple is also popularly referred as Kanaka Durga.

6.Amareswara Temple

Amareswara Temple
As per Hindu legends, the Amareswara Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, the ‘Destroyer of the Universe’.

7.Ramalingeswara Temple

Ramalingeswara Temple
Also known as Ramathirdham, this temple is located 30 km from Nellore city. The presiding deities of the temple are Lord Shiva and Goddess Kamakshamma.

8.Narasimhaswamy Temple

Narasimhaswamy Temple
Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Narasimhaswamy Temple lies about 13 km from center of the Nellore city. Lord Vishnu is worshipped in this in the form of his fourth incarnation.

9.Ranganatha Temple

Ranganatha Temple
Lying on the banks of River Pennar, Ranganatha Temple is one of the most revered temples of Nellore. The temple is great religious significance and is considered to be the oldest temples

10.Barah Shaheed Dargah

Barah Shaheed Dargah
Barah Shaheed Dargah is a mausoleum located very close to sea in Sulurpet in Nellore District. The place was established in the honor of 12 martyrs.

11.Sri Venkateswara Temple

Sri Venkateswara Temple
One of the most famous and ancient temples is Sri Venkateswara Temple. Dedicated to Lord Balaji, famously known as Venkateswara, the temple belongs to the 12th century. 


The coastal village Mogili is situated 25 km away from Chittoor. The place houses a famous temple called Mogileeswara temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.


Ramagiri is also called as Bhairava Kshethra. The small village houses some of the famous ancient temples. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated at the base of the hill

14.Aluru Kona

Aluru Kona is a small village, which is famous for Ranganathaswamy Temple. This temple, situated on hilltop was constructed in the year 1334 AD.


Lepakshi is situated 110 km from Anantapur. If you have an eye for architecture and historical places, you need to visit Lepakshi. 


Yaganti in Kurnool is famous for the marvelous temple of Sri Yaganti Swamy, a well-known Shiva temple that dates back to the 5th-6th century.


Mahanandi is another beautiful escape for nature lovers. It is surrounded by dense forestation and the place features numerous exciting treks for adventure lovers.

16.Ahobilam Temple

Ahobilam Temple
The temple is dedicated to Lord Narasimha and is one of the rare temples where all the nine forms of the Lord Narasimha are worshipped.


It is considered sacred as it has many temples and a favorite pilgrimage. The place is unique as it is a symbol that stands for both Hindu faiths namely Saiva and Vaishnava.


The idols of three Hindu gods in the temple are carved off a single rock. The temple displays certain two famous epics of Hinduism namely Ramayana and Mahabharata in art forms. 

19.Ameen Peer Dargah

Ameen Peer Dargah
Ameen Peer Dargah was constructed by Sufi Saint Peerullah Hussaini in the year 1683. The Dargah is visited by people who follow various faiths

20.Sri Kalahasti Temple

Sri Kalahasti Temple
It is one of the most famous Shiva temples in South India, and is said to be the site where Kannappa was ready to offer both his eyes 

21.Gudimallam Temple

Gudimallam Temple
It holds immense historical importance in the region of Srikalahasti. The temple is located near the Renigunta Railway Station and a Shiva Linga is established in the Garbhagriha

22.Sahasra Linga Temple

Sahasra Linga Temple
Find inside this temple, a sprawling 1000 Shiva lingas carved out of a single idol, granting the temple its name.

23.Bharadwaja Tirtham

Bharadwaja Tirtham
With hills and streams around, the Bharadwaja Tirtham is a religious site with some of the most beautiful surroundings. 

24.Durgambika Temple

Durgambika Temple
Steps through a hillock, surrounded by wide views takes one to a an ancient dedicated to Goddess Durgambika.

25.Chennakesava Swamy Temple

Chennakesava Swamy Temple
Sri Laxmi Chennakesava Swamy temple, which is the main temple here was constructed around 13th century. The temple boasts of marvelous architecture.

26.Kashi Visweswara Swamy Temple

Kashi Visweswara Swamy Temple
It is one of the famous temples in the land. The temple was constructed in 1945. It is visited by people in great numbers during festivals.

27.Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir
The temple dedicated to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba was established in the year 1989 by Sri Telledevulapalli Satyanarayana Siddanthi. 


This place has some of the famous temples including Shivalayam, Chennakesavalayam, Ramalayam and Peleramma Talli. 


Gopuram is the entry and exit point for Sai Baba to Sathya Sai Ashram. Sai Baba had used Gopuram to visit and return and now it is open for devotees to use during darshan timings. 

30.Anjaneya Hanuman Swamy Temple

Anjaneya Hanuman Swamy Temple
This temple is situated at the Gopuram road. A marvelous Shiva Lingam adorns the entrance of the temple. Sai Baba had brought this Shiva Lingam from Kasim. 

31.Village Mosque

Village Mosque
Village Mosque was constructed in the year 1978. It is believed that a plate with Islamic inscriptions was found on the site on which Village Mosque was constructed.

32.Kotilingeswara Temple

Kotilingeswara Temple
The temple has bathing ghats around it. Kotilingalarevu, the place where the temple is situated, is a ferry point to cross River Godavari. 

33.Markandeya Temple

Markandeya Temple
Markandeya Temple is one of the ancient temples in Rajahmundry. The temple’s ruins were initially thought to be belonging to mosque. 

34.Panduranga Swamy Temple

Panduranga Swamy Temple
Panduranga Swamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Panduranga Vithai, who shares the similarity in appearance of Lord Krishna. 


It is a pilgrimage destination, which is nestled aside the Manginapudi beach. It attracts worldwide visitors because of an age-old temple of Lord Shiva.