Places To Visit In Phek

1.Glory Peak

2.Shilloi Lake

3.Phek Waterfall

Glory Peak
Shilloi Lake
Phek Waterfall
At about 2600 metres above sea level, Glory Peak offers an astonishing and mesmerizing view which one can never forget. It is located in the district of Phek and is one of the highest mountains of Nagaland.
If you are in Nagaland and you have not been to Shilloi Lake, you have missed out on experiencing the beauty of the largest natural lake in Nagaland. It is located in Lütsam Village of Phokhungri area under the Meluri sub-division in Phek district.
Phek Waterfall is one of most beautiful tourist attractions of Nagaland if you are an admirer of nature. In the lap of green forest and woods, you will find the Phek Waterfall flowing through it. This is one of the places to visit with family and kids although little trekking is required to reach this attraction.

4.Dzudu Lake

5.Khezhakeno Village

Dzudu Lake
Khezhakeno Village
If you are ever near Thuvopisumi Village, you must go to the top of Mount Zanibu, it where you shall find the tourist attraction Dzudu Lake. This mystical lake is surrounded by lush greenery and is a wonderful sight to behold.
Khezhakeno Village is one of the tourist attractions and is widely renowned for its historical significance. The village was the home to the ancestors of the Nagas. It used to be home for several different tribes which dispersed and migrated over time to other parts of North-East India.