Places To Visit In Pasighat

1.Siang River

Siang River is a popular attraction to visit and it offers opportunities for travellers to partake in adventure sports like river rafting, angling, and trekking. It gives an opportunity to the traveller to connect with the hilly local people.

2. Komsing

Komsing village, which rose to prominence when the Noel Williamson was murdered here when he carrying the message of the death of King Edward VII to the tribal chiefs. As a proof of this event, here one can see the grave of Captain Noel Williamson’s

3. Pangin

Pangin is a small town which is beautiful and charming, a must visit destination during your Arunachal tour. Here, you’ll see the settlement or a junction point of two prominent rivers of Arunachal Pradesh like River Siyom and River Siang.

4. Kekar Monying

The Kekar Monying is a mountain cliff, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area and is of great historical importance to the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The cliff about 500m long and 50 meters high and it offer quite a beautiful view of the surroundings

5. Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary

Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary is a prominent destination for eco-tourism in India. The sanctuary becomes home to migratory birds during the winter season and shelters species of birds from Siberia and Mongolia.