1. Loktak Lake

This is the largest fresh water lake in the North-Eastern India ad the only floating lake in the world. Bhumia, Sendra and the Keibul National Park are situated in this lake.

2. Moirang

Moirang is famous for the Loktak Lake whose serene water is home to plethora of flora and fauna. This place is perfect for a weekend getaway to unwind and relax.

3. Keibul Lamjao National Park

The only floating National Park in the world. It is home to various species of plants and animals, and the migratory visitors during the winters.

4. Kachou Phung Lake

This is a beautiful natural lake which is spread over 9 acres and is believed to be roughly shaped in the form of Indian Map.

5. Shirui Kashong Peak

The Shirui Kashong Peak is famous for two things: the rivers flowing across Ukhrul and the crevices of the peak, the second one is Shirui lilies growing in this place. 

6. Ikop lake

The Ikop lake is located at an altitude of 772 m above sea level, with a saucer shaped basin and a silted bottom.

7. Lousi Lake

This lake spreads over an area of 18.64 sq km, featuring a wetland ecosystem. It is a major source of water for the locals.

8. Pumlen

The Pumlen is a freshwater lake and is known as the Pumlen Pa. It spreads over an area of 19 sq km and is covered by phumdis and floating soil and vegetation.

9. Waithou Lake

Waithou Lake is an oval-shaped lagoon. This beautiful lake in Thoubal is a prominent home of numerous species of fish including the Ngaton.

10. Purul

Purul is a village that perfectly delineates the vibrant traditions and beautiful culture of Manipur. It is one of those concealed solitaires that one can’t afford to ignore.

11. Sadu Chiru Waterfalls

Sadu Chiru Waterfalls is a perfect attraction for all the nature lovers in Senapati. It is a tourist place of scenic beauty.

12. Dzukou Valley

Dotted with lush green forests, gorgeous valleys, crystal clear water and sedating ambiance, Dzukou Valley in Senapati district is often touted as an epitome of eternal beauty.

13. Yangoupokpi-Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary covers an area of 185 sq km, and is home to multiple species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians as well as fish.

14. Tengnoupal

The main tourist spot here is Tengnoupal which provides a bird’s eye view, it is also a popular excursion site for some tourists along with providing a serene atmosphere for others.

15. Moreh

This strategically located area is well known for the business units that have sprung up, making it the commercial town of Manipur. It is also known for its natural beauty.

16. Barak Waterfalls

Barak Waterfalls
Being one of the most visited attractions in Tamenglong, the Barak Waterfalls is a must visit. There are seven waterfalls in series at close range along the river Barak.

17. Zeilad Lake

Zeilad Lake
This lake is famous for the number of pythons, fish and water birds found here. Large tortoises, ducks, cranes and teals are also seen in this lake.

18. Buning Meadows

Buning Meadows
A paradise for nature lovers, this place is coloured with beautiful lilies and orchids all over, complemented by the multitudes of birds and other animals.