Nature Maharashtra

1.Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a 87 km² protected area in Mumbai, Maharashtra State in India. It was established in 1969.

2.Taraporewala Aquarium

Taraporewala Aquarium
Taraporevala Aquarium is India’s oldest aquarium and one of Mumbai’s main attractions. It hosts marine and freshwater fish. 

3.Priyadarshini Park

Priyadarshini Park
Priyadarshini Park and Sports Complex is a clean and well-maintained sea-facing attraction in South Mumbai.

4.Salim Ali Lake & Bird Sanctuary

Salim Ali Lake & Bird Sanctuary
Salim Ali Lake is located near Delhi Gate, one of the many Gates in Aurangabad, opposite Himayat Bagh. During the Mughal period, it was known as Khiziri Talab.

5.Rankala Lake

Rankala Lake
Rankala Lake is on the western side of Ambabai temple , it is a popular evening spot and recreation centre. 

6.Pratap Garden

Pratap Garden
The garden is situated on the lake point and you can see Venna lake very nicely. The garden has good area for small and some basic rides.

7.Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat
Ahmed Nagar Road in the Thane district of Maharashtra, India. Nestled in the lofty rugged hills of the Western Ghats, it is one of the picturesque places to visit in Maharastra.


Bhandardara is situated at an altitude of 750 m on the banks of river Pravara. The place is known for its natural beauty and its soothing environment.

9.Echo point

echo point
The vantage point offers the best view of the Western Ghats and is very crowded during daytime. 

10.Louisa Point

Louisa Point
Louisa Point is almost 1.5 km away from the marketplace.This is a unique point in Matheran as it offers two different picturesque views.

11.Charlotte Lake

Charlotte Lake
Also known as the Sharlott lake, Charlotte Lake is one of the most spectacular attractions of Matheran. 

12.Alexander Point

Alexander Point
Alexander point is one such scenic landmark in Matheran that opens up to gorgeous views of Palasdari Lake, Rambaug Point, Garbut Point and Chowk Point. 

13.One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill Point is famous in Matheran as it has one tree growing only on top of the hill. 

14.Kanakeshwar Forest

Kanakeshwar Forest
Kanakeshwar arranged close to the Alibaug on Konkan drift is renowned for its climate and an old sanctuary of Lord Shiva. 

15.Western Ghats

western ghats
Pune and its surrounding Western Ghats are at its most stunning at some stage in the monsoons. Temperature graph in Pune is also a witness to the truth that it’s the coolest here whilst it rains.

16.Dugarwadi waterfall

Dugarwadi waterfall
DugarWadi waterfall is located at 30 kms from Nasik and 2 kms from Trimbak on Trimbak-Jawhar road.Jawhar road itself is known for its scenic views in monsoon and attracts lot of tourist.

17.Anjaneri Mountains

Anjaneri Mountains
Anjaneri, one of the forts in the mountain range of Nasik-Trimbakeshwar, is considered to be the birthplace of god Hanuman.

18.Ratnagiri Lighthouse

Ratnagiri Lighthouse
The Jaigad Lighthouse is situated in one of the bastion on the western edge of the Jaigad Fort. This impressive lighthouse offers breathtaking panoramic view of the area as it is situated on top of a hill.