Places To Visit In Mon

1.Tenyimi Church

2.Veda Peak

3.Longwa Village

Tenyimi Church
Veda Peak
Longwa Village
Tenyimi is a popular church located in the Mon district of Nagaland. The people of Nagaland visit the church for prayers and especially on special festive occasions. The church authorities are also associated with many social causes, campaigns and participations for public welfare through seminars and meetings.
Veda Peak is also known as Pak Koi and is the highest peak of Mon district of Nagaland. The picturesque tourist attraction is situated 70km from the district headquarters which will show you other surrounding mountains, waterfalls, sceneries that are simply mesmerizing.
Nagaland’s Mon district is full of diversity and uniqueness and Longwa village is just one of the best examples of it with the largest acres of encompassing area. The unique thing about Longwa is that the inhabitants of the village have dual citizenship- one of India and the other of Myanmar.

4.Chui Village

5.Shangnyu Village

Chui Village
Shangnyu Village
A medium sized village Chui is located in the Mon Sadar Tehsil of Mon district. As per the 2011 population Census, only 273 families reside in the village and the population is 1588 out of which 776 are males while females are 812 in count – the families are hospitable and peace loving.
Shangnyu Village is located in the district of Mon in Nagaland and is home to the Konyak Naga tribe and reflects the colorful culture of the Naga people. The tribal people have their own traditional chief called as the Angh. There is a wooden structure in the village which was made in the honor of people and events.