Places To Visit In Mokochung

1. Longkhum Village

2.Ungma Village

3.Langpankong Caves

Langpankong caves
Longkhum is a village located 17 km south-west of Mokokchung, in Nagaland, North-East India. It is situated at an altitude of 1846 m above sea level. A vanguard village of the Aos in the days of headhunting, it is strategically situated and commands a view of the surrounding hills and valleys.
Ungma is an Ao Naga village situated 10 km south of Mokokchung, Nagaland, India. The village is divided into two parts, Yimpang and Yimlang. In the heart of the village, i.e., between Yimpang and Yimlang, the Baptist Church stands, reflecting the dominance of Baptist faith in the everyday life of the village.
Langpangkong Caves belong to the mountain range of Langpangkong. Located near the towns of Tuli and Changtongya of Mokokchung District, Langpangkong Caves is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Nagaland. The Langpangkong Caves are legendary because of its history.

4.Dikhu River

5.Baptist Mother Church

Dikhu River
Baptist Mother Church
The Dikhu River being one of the most prominent rivers of Nagaland, it flows across the Mokokchung and the Longleng districts. Tourists come to this river to treat their eyes with the serene atmosphere and sandy edges. The river side is a perfect picnic spot, especially during the winters when the water levels come down.
One of the biggest churches of the Nagaland is the Baptist Mother church, also known as Ao Baptist church or the Mokokchung Church. This church is known to follow Baptized principles. There are total 5000 families as well as 15000 baptized followers of this church. Hundreds of worshippers come to this church on every Sunday to offer their prayer and seek blessings.