Places To Visit In Machilipatnam

1.Machilipatnam Fort

Machilipatnam Fort
Machilipatnam Fort is also popularly known as Bandar Kota. It is indeed one of the leading tourist attractions of the city

2.Old Lighthouse

Old Lighthouse
The lighthouse is located on Machilipatnam Beach that measures around 50 meter in height and comprises black and white coloured bands. 

3.Manginapudi Beach

Manginapudi Beach
It is a small fishing village, which is just 11 km away from Machilipatnam. The most fascinating thing about the beach is that it is made of black soil and has natural bay holding shallow water.

4.Panduranga Swamy Temple

Panduranga Swamy Temple
Panduranga Swamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Panduranga Vithai, who shares the similarity in appearance of Lord Krishna. 


It is a pilgrimage destination, which is nestled aside the Manginapudi beach. It attracts worldwide visitors because of an age-old temple of Lord Shiva.