Places To Visit In Kadapa


It is considered sacred as it has many temples and a favorite pilgrimage. The place is unique as it is a symbol that stands for both Hindu faiths namely Saiva and Vaishnava.

2.Gandikota Fort

Gandikota Fort
Gandikota Fort is one of the most important tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh. The architecture is inspired by Vijayanagar style and Quli Qutb style. 

3.Sidhout Fort

Sidhout Fort
The fort stands on the banks of river Pennar and covers an area of 30 acres. The majestic gateways at the two ends have embellished pillars.

4.Bhagvan Mahavir Government Museum

Bhagvan Mahavir Government Museum
The priceless collection includes antediluvian stone sculptures, bronze icons and primitive inscriptions. The artifacts give a glimpse in to the ancient civilization of Kadapa. 

5.Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary

Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary
Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the important tourist attractions here. The sanctuary is a home to over 100 species of birds and 1500 varieties of plants. 

6.Ameen Peer Dargah

Ameen Peer Dargah
Ameen Peer Dargah was constructed by Sufi Saint Peerullah Hussaini in the year 1683. The Dargah is visited by people who follow various faiths


The idols of three Hindu gods in the temple are carved off a single rock. The temple displays certain two famous epics of Hinduism namely Ramayana and Mahabharata in art forms.