Places To Visit In Junagadh

1. Mahabat Maqbara

mahabat maqbara
This place is a mausoleum and its unique architecture makes it one of the most important attractions of Junagarh..

2. Uparkot Fort

uparkot fort
Over 2300 years old, with walls up to 20m high in some places, there used to be a 300 ft. deep moat inside the walls which reportedly used to be inhabited by crocodiles for the fort’s protection.

3. Girnar Hill

girnar hill
Girnar Hills are a collection of hills, whose origins can be traced back to the Vedas. It has been considered to be a religious place even as long before in the Mohan-jo-daro period. 

4.Adi-kadi Vav & Navghan Kuwo

adi kadi vav
These are two step wells inside the Uperkot Fort. Usually wells are dug into the ground through layers of soli, stones, etc. and the construction is like that done above the ground.

5.Shri Damodar Hari Temple

shri damodhar
At the base of Ashwatthama Hill in the Girnar Mountain range in Junagadh, Gujarat, there is a sacred Hindu temple called Shri Damodar Temple alongside a holy water pond called Damodar Kund.  

6.Gir National Park

gir national park
Being the sole home for Asiatic lions, this place is of course famous for spotting lions. Official count said that there were 411 lions in 2010. 

7.Edicts of Ashoka

Edicts of ashoka
A site with an inscription of fourteen Edicts of Emperor Ashoka is found on a large boulder on the way to mount Girnar. It is located within 2km of Uperkot Fort and is a major tourist attraction. 

8. Sarkheswar Beach

sarkheswar beach
Sarkeshwar Beach is one good place to relax and enjoy. Sound of the waves here are very soothing and the shore is lined by tiny and beautiful sea shells.

9. Buddhist Caves

Buddhist Caves
These aren’t exactly caves but rooms carved out of stones and were used as monk’s headquarters. The oldest, the Khapara Kodia caves belong to 3rd-4th century AD and are plainest of all cave groups.