1. Patratu Valley

 With sparkling waters of the Patratu Dam on one side and lush green trees flanked along the other, driving along the Ghat of the Patratu Valley is truly a stupendous experience.

2. Ranchi Lake

Located at the base of the majestic Ranchi hill, this lake was constructed in the year 1842 by a British National Colonel. It is centrally located and has boating facilities.

3. Jubilee Park

The Jubilee Park is spread on a sprawling campus of 237.75 acres. The park was inaugurated in the year 1956 including lush green landscape, an amusement park,

4. Canary hills

A serene dense forest enriched with lush greenery and a lake you will reach the spot which has a magnificent view of the eastern Hazaribagh.

5. Nandan Pahar

Nandan Pahar is a small hill known for a famous Nandi Temple. There is a huge entertainment park for children which contains a ghost house, mirror house and a restaurant.

6. Parasnath Hills

The Parasnath Hill is of great religious importance to the Jainism cult in the country.