Places To Visit In Fatehabad

1. Lat of Feroz Shah

This mosque known as Humayun’s mosque was built by the Mughal emperor Humayun (1529-1556 AD) at a place where the Lat erected by the Delhi Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq was already standing.

2. Banawali

This site at village Banwali is on the dry bed of ancient river Sarasvati. The excavations have yielded three-fold culture sequence: Pre-Harappan (Early-Harappan), Harappan and Bara (post Harappan).

3. Kunal

The site is located on dry bed of Vedic river Sarasvati. Archaeological excavations have revealed the remains of three successive phases of the early- Harappan culture, mature Harappan and Painted Grey Ware culture. 

4. Ashok Pillar

Ashok Pillar lies at the centre of an Idgah at Fatehabad. The stone pillar is little less than 5 metres in height and 1.90 meteres in circumference from the base.