Oh the charm of the French world meeting the sea life – how can one not fall for something so surreal yet so real? The quietude of the alleys and the bustling boulevards; the amalgamation of Tamil and French cuisines and architecture; and the jaunty crowd, all make Pondicherry a compelling place to visit in India. The Union Territory of Pondicherry blessed with picturesque coastline is indeed a destination for beach lovers where they can enjoy multiple water activities. The colonial architecture compliments the beach life whereas the far situated Auroville add another dimension to Pondicherry tourism. If there is one tourist destination in India that can cater to your need for a relaxing holiday, Pondicherry has to be it.

The silhouette of Pondicherry comprises the famed French Town or White Town, spectacular churches, temples, and statues with an additional charm of the sea and that of the swaying palm and coconut trees. On the Southeast side of the Indian subcontinent Pondicherry or Pondy or Puducherry, whatever you like to call it, is a tourist destination for a calm and relaxed holiday any time of the year. Once the part of the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry displays a great influence of it in its cuisine, architecture as well as language. Hence, you can expect to relish potpourri of Tamil and French culture in this is beautiful union territory. Pondicherry is indeed a synonym of Auroville. Of course, tourists know it for its French houses and cafes, but Auroville certainly has its own importance when it comes to must-see places in Pondicherry