Places To Visit In Darrang

1. Pukhuria Beel

Pukhuria Beel
Pukhuria Beel attract thousands of bird lovers every year and of course nature lovers too. Pukhuria Beel is one of the prime attractions of Darrang, bordered by River Brahmaputra and surrounded by Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh on the north. Pukhuria Beel is a big lake that attracts thousands of migratory birds every winter and it’s a beautiful sight wrapped in lush greenery all around.

2. Patharughat Swaheed Minar

Patharughat Swaheed Minar
Patharughat Swaheed Minar, located 16 km from Mangaldai was established to commemorate the victims of Jallianwala Bagh of Assamese origin.

3. Bhairabkunda

It is place as if it is set in a canvas perfectly painted with all the colours of nature. A popular picnic spot and owing to its calmness and serenity. Bhairabkunda is located in Udalguri district in Assam at an elevation of 703 metres, and is close to the Bhutanese town Daifam.

4. Jaypal Pukhuri

Jaypal Pukhuri

Jaypal Pukhuri, located at Batkaliyajhar Village is a huge pond spread across an area of 20 Bighaas. Known to be established under the rule of King Jaypal, this pond today offers an ideal spot for picnics and relaxing with its serene environs.The best part is the pond is pristine blue and the water always remains above the ground level.

5. Baladev Pukhuri

Baladev Pukhuri
Baladev Pukhuri, situated at Baldevpara is a place that serves as a Government Fishery. Created during the rule of King Dharma Narayana, today it covers an area of 48 Bighaas.

6. Gandhi Smriti Park

Gandhi Smriti Park
Gandhi Smriti Park is a beautiful lush green park with whiff of freshness and tranquility. Located at the center of Mangaldai town, the park is quite well maintained.