Places To Visit In Cachar


Khaspur is located only 20 km from Silchar, in Cachar district of Assam. It houses the ruins of the Dimasa Kingdom. There is a king’s temple, a Lion Gate, and a Sun Gate and these are centuries old. The king’s palace is almost non-existence but the main entrance gates still stands tall. These gates are in elephant pattern.

2. Kachari Fort

The Kachari Fort which is considered to be one of the magnificent forts to be visited in this area and tourists come here to see the remains of this kingdom at Khaspur which makes the place more interesting. It reflects the rich cultural heritage of the ancient era through the fine quality of work done by the engineers of those times. The fort is covered on all sides by the lush greenery which makes the place picturesque.

3. Kancha Kanti Kali Temple

Kancha Kanti Kali Temple
Kancha Kanti Kali Temple which is located about a distance of 11 km away from the city. Apart from being a religious site this temple is also a historical destination. The scenic splendor of the temple and its surroundings has turned it into a favored travel destination for the tourists. This ancient Hindu pilgrimage site is a must visit for the travelers on their trip to the city.

4. Silchar

Silchar, the second largest city in the state of Assam is the headquarters of Cachar district. About 90% of the population here consist of Bengalis who speak the local Sylhet language. The remaining 10% comprises of people from Bihar, Manipur, Bishnupur, Rajasthan, and some tribal groups including the Nagas. It is situated along Barak River in the place popularly known as Barak Valley.