Places To Visit In Bhavnagar

1. Gaurishankar Lake

Gaurishankar lake
A beautiful lake flowing amidst the hills, the view of this place is soothing. Sit by the lake side with your feet dipped in water, as the clear water of the lake flows through under your feet.   

2. Nilambag Palace

nilambag palace
This palace has now been converted to a heritage hotel. The architectural design of the palace shows a fusion of Indian and western architecture done with sheer brilliance.  

3. Victoria Park

victoria park
Victoria park is a popular tourist place and is known as green lung of Bhavnagar. It is a man made forest situated in the state of Gujarat, Bhavnagar. It was established on 24th May 24, 1888.

4. Takhteshwar Temple

takhteswar temple
It is Situated on the hill top near the railway station, the beauty of this temple is beyond words. Dedicated to lord Shiva, Takhteshwar is built of white marble and makes for a prime tourist spot.     

5. Water lock gate

water lock gate
It is Located in the city dockyard, Water Lock Gate was constructed a 100 years ago. Visitors need special permission to visit the site.

6. Barton Library

barton library
The oldest library of the city, Barton has a huge collection of books from the genres of history and culture. With the fast paced life today        

7. Gandhi Smriti

gandhi smrithi
This poignant memorial, located in New Delhi, is where Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead by a Hindu zealot on 30 January 1948, after campaigning against intercommunal violence.       

8. Palitana

Palitana is noted as a popular pilgrimage site among the Jains. Another famous thing about Palitana is that the town strictly follows vegetarianism which makes it the first city in the world to abide by the vegetarian diet legally    

9. Blackbuck National Park

blackbug national park
This national park is known to provide a magical experience to its visitors. The wilderness of this national park is unrivalled. From grasslands to mud flats Bhavnagar Blackbuck National Park is a paradise for birdwatchers.