Beaches Andhrapradesh

1.Rushikonda Beach

Rushikonda Beach
Surrounded by green plants, Rushikonda beach looks picture perfect attracting nature lovers in huge numbers.

2.Yarada Beach

Yarada beach
Yarada Beach is the photographers’ paradise. Many professional photographers come here to capture the beauty of this beach and its surroundings. Tourists also indulge in some photography here.

3.Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin’s Nose
Very similar to a dolphins nose, this 174 m high rocky headland is situated in the south of Vizag. The nose seems to be protruding out towards the Bay of Bengal giving it a rather fascinating look.

4.Ramakrishna Beach

ramakrishna beach
The Ramakrishna beach is a beautiful spot for relaxation and pleasure is a natural beautic scene. There is an imposing Kali Temple near this beach.

5.Mypadu Beach

Mypadu Beach
Mypadu Beach, a mesmerising beach with pristine seawater and golden brown sand, is located on the west coast of India. It is about 25 kilometres from Nellore

6.Kothapatnam Beach

Kothapatnam Beach
Kothapatnam Beach is one amongst the top attractions in Ongole. Located 18 km from the city, the beach is a great source of entertainment for local people and tourists.

7.Vodarevu Beach

Vodarevu Beach
The beach is scenic to look at with coconut trees lining up on one side. The golden sands and the clear seawater make the place heavenly. 

8.Suryalanka Beach

Suryalanka Beach provides a refreshing break amidst the foamy waters of the Bay of Bengal.

9.Manginapudi Beach

Manginapudi Beach
It is a small fishing village, which is just 11 km away from Machilipatnam. The most fascinating thing about the beach is that it is made of black soil and has natural bay holding shallow water.