Places To Visit In Aalo

1. Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge
Made of ropes, and bamboos, a walk over the  hanging bridge promises to mesmerize.  Make a point to look down the river to see the stunning contrast of colorful fishes hopping up and down the river. 

2. Kazu Village

Kazu Village
The village is dressed in green with an abundance of solitude, the place offers calm and quiet environment. 

3. River Rafting in Silom River

River Rafting in Silom River
Silom River that sits adjecent to the destination along with the Brahmaputra is regarded as the best destination to start river rafting activities and river Silom is basically a part of Brahmaputra.

4. Donyi Polo Temple

Donyi Polo Temple is a center to worship sun and moon. It is one of the 400 centers of Arunachal Pradesh that propagates the ancient religion Donyi Poloism.

5. Darka Village

Darka Village is a scenic and the biggest village adorned by the lush greenery and is a quite a beautiful place to see in Arunachal Pradesh.